three angels children's relief

Thousands of children in Haiti live in severe poverty with few prospects of a hopeful future. 50% of kids under 5 years old are malnourished, and 98% of children do not graduate from High School. Three Angels exists to provide hope to these children. Many of these children are true orphans without family to care for their welfare. For these children, Three Angels' strives to provide the highest level of care for them through the Angel House Orphanage while they look to find them a permanent adoptive home. For a large number of children in Haiti, often classified as "orphans," there are family members who want to care for them. The challenge is that out of desperation many children are sold into slavery, abandoned or given up for adoption. This ministry wants to reach families before they make such tragic decisions and walk them out of poverty and into health. Three Angels' goal for at-risk families in Haiti is that they escape severe poverty and begin a journey towards a healthy, sustainable life for their children. 

This is accomplished through various relational 'entry-points' as there is not a one-size-fits-all approach:

  • Angel House Orphanage

    The hope is that every child in Haiti can grow up in a healthy Haitian home, yet they realize that for some the best option is to connect them to loving adoptive parent. The goal for true orphans in Haiti (those without family to care for them) is that they are cared for in a Christ-centered environment and placed in loving Christian families. The Angel House Orphanage has been providing the highest quality of care for abandoned children since 2003. 

  • Three Angels Christian Academy

    Three Angels named their school for a specific purpose-to unabashedly declare that Jesus Christ is Lord. The students are given the opportunity to obtain education for the mind, food and medical care for the body and to embrace Jesus for their soul. Year after year the school has had the highest achievement scores in Haiti. However, all the knowledge in the world is foolishness if the heart of the Gospel is not learned. 

  • Three Angels Medical Clinic

    The goal is to provide quality medical care, education and training to prevent health issues from creating a family crisis. Most childhood deaths are preventable in Haiti. The on-site medical clinic serves hundreds of patients a week, treating a wide range of illnesses and injury.

  • BIJOU and agricultural development

    Job creation works to interrupt one of the primary factors involved in women relinquishing their children to an orphanage: lack of income. Most children in orphanages in Haiti are there because their mom was in a desperate financial circumstance. Three Angels feels relinquishment is a choice a mother should never have to make. A source of income can mean the difference between an orphan and an intact family. 

how can i help?

-Pray and fast for this ministry every first Monday of the month.

-Consider becoming an Orphan care sponsor and/or Student sponsor

-Purchase BIJOU and host a party in your home, at work or school so others can purchase the jewelry and hear about what God is doing in Haiti through this particular ministry.

-Take advantage of the Double Cause Fundraising option Three Angels offers through the BIJOU organization, community events, adoptions, or missions trips!

-Use your gifts by serving in Haiti! There a number of teams that travel to Haiti through out the year to serve in a variety of ways. For more information about Cornerstone's annual trip, please contact us.