children's ministry

Cornerstone Kids is our service for children (Nursery to 6th Grade). We believe it is much more than childcare. Our children are an integral part of the family of God, and we believe that God is at work pursing and redeeming our children through Jesus Christ, just as He is doing throughout the whole world. The heart of our volunteers is not merely to teach your children, but to build relationships with them, to live life-on-life with them, and to make them know that they are active participants in the kingdom of God.

It is our greatest prayer that when our children are grown, they see our community leaders as people whom they know personally and trust instead of distant and unapproachable figures. That is our vision behind having our communities and their leaders take responsibility for our classrooms. 

Because our children are essential members of our body, our motto applies to them as well: 

Belonging: Your child knows that he or she, through the work of Jesus Christ, is adopted into the family of God. Each classroom is a small picture of the family of God, where all use their talents for the good of the gospel and for one another [1 Corinthians 12:12-21] 

Becoming: Your child will be transformed by the gospel. Our greatest hope for our children is for their salvation [Matthew 7:24-27]

Blessing: Your child will learn that he or she is blessed to be a blessing. God's kingdom grows when we all serve and love one another [1 Peter 2:9] 

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